TS 68 CNDtimeintervalselection

'Time interval selection' Test Specification

Author: Alexander Pepin
Version: 1.0
Lastupdate: 3.9.2009
Introduction: 'Time interval selection' is a part of Profiler Monitors window. It gives a possibility to select a time interval and see only events in Detailed view which happened only within that interval. In addition a user can change 'viewport' to see on profile monitor only part of the execution process and scale it to see more details on the monitors or to set a time interval precisely.


Test suite: Change 'Viewport' and scale the monitor

Purpose: Check that a user can move through the graphical data on indicator and scale it
Setup: Create Profiling Demo sample project. Clean and build the project.

  1. Changing 'Viewport'
    • Run the project.
    • Check that all monitors display the project activity as graph.
    • Move the slider on the timeline scrollbar
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The picture on the monitor is moving in accordance with slider movements

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