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Patches testing

It is very important to provide detailed testing of NetBeans patches installation because in the patch binaries there may appear special cases which may lead to problems on some configurations. This document will summarize common scenarios but also special cases which caused some troubles in the past during patches testing.


It is not sufficient to execute tests included in the Plugin Manager test specification. Since patches are special kind of updates it is required to execute mainly following scenarios which are important:

  • run IDE, update it with whole patch
  • run IDE, update it with only part of patch
  • run IDE, update patch
  • via bubble
  • main menu Help -> Check for Updates
  • main menu Tools -> Plugins -> Updates Tab
  • run IDE with patch N, update it with patch N+1

Always check that after restart the installation of some plugin is working fine and assure that a project can be created and executed correctly.

Special cases

During past patch releases testing we have met troubles which appeared only on some configurations. So that provide testing of previous test cases also with following differences:

  • have NetBeans IDE installed from installer vs. unzipped from a .zip
  • install IDE as root and start it then as an user without admin privileges
  • provide testing on each of supported official distributions
  • provide testing on each of supported operating system
  • use different JDKs

Already tested cases

Sustaining has already tested following in the past:

  • check NB log for module versions - check the IDE log if all modules selected for the update (visible and non-visible) were really installed. This is done via helper tool.
  • check NB log for possible exceptions - this is done manually.
  • check binary diff between downloaded NBMs and NBMs from official build for the IDE bundle "All".
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