TS 65 MobilityCDC

Mobility CDC Functionality Test Specification for NetBeans 6.5

Author: Lukas Hasik
Version: 1.0
Last update: 6/8/2008
Introduction: There is support for CDC development of various platforms in NetBeans Mobility - see . The CDC and CLDC functionality is available in the same project therefore it is up to developers to take care about the code correctness. It isn't possible to mix CDC and CLDC code. CDC Developers can use the power of Matisse GUI designer and AWT/Swing.


Test suite: "CDC Platforms"

Purpose: Test that CDC platforms can be add to IDE.
Setup: Platform must be installed on computer before you can add it to IDE. You can download all supported platforms - http://netbeans.org/kb/docs/javame/cdcemulator-setup.html

  1. Add platform to IDE
    1. choose Tools | Java Platforms
    2. press Add Platform button
    3. select Java ME CDC Platform
    4. browse to the directory with CDC platform. The platform directory has different icon.
    5. Choose the platform directory. Press Next button.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Platform is recognized. When you press Finish button it appears in Java Platform Manager under CDC node.
      Repeat the test case for all supported platforms.
  2. "Create project with Main class"
    1. New Project | Mobility | CDC Application, next button
    2. Provide a name and location. Create Main Class checkbox is selected. Next
    3. Choose a CDC platform and profile. Finish
    • EXPECTED RESULT: New CDC project is created with main class. The main class type is based on platform profile! For Foundation Profile - Main implements Xlet. For Personal Profile - awt xlet. For AGUI - swing xlet.

Test suite: "GUI designer"

Purpose: Check the Matisse GUI designer cooperation with CDC project
Setup: "Have CDC projects with Foundation/Personal/AGUI Profile"

  1. "Palette components"
    1. Open main class created by default for every profile when you created the project
    2. Check palette components
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Foundation Profile - no GUI components in palette. Actually, the default main class is plain java file.
      Personal Profile - only AWT components are in palette.
      AGUI - only Swing components.

  2. "Add components"
    1. Add several components to form/frame
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Everything works.
  3. Matisse functionality
    1. The Matisse functionality is tested by Form QE. We don't have to test it. - http://wiki.netbeans.org/TS_61_Form
    2. BUT the source code generated by IDE must be always compilable and work in emulator/device.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Known issues - 99508

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