TS 61 ProjectOperations

Operations on NetBeans Module Nodes Test Specification for NetBeans 6.1

Author: Petr Zajac
Last update: 02/01/2008


Test suite: Tests Operations on projects and Module suites


                     There is no specials steps to configure ide for this testspecs. 

  1. Build, campilation
    1. Perform build on your standalone module
    • {{result|EXPECTED RESULT: try also :
                compile single module
                clean and build
  1. Generate javadoc
    1. Perform generate javadoc action on netbeans module project
           Module has public package
                yes - the javadoc is generated and opened in web browser
                no - warning dialog shown          
  1. Run unittest
    1. Run a unit test :
              all units - Test Project action on module project node
              simple test
              debug simple test
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Test is run
  1. Run standalone module
    1. Run standalone netbeans module (Run Project action)
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Module is started in selected platform.
  1. Reload standalone module
    1. The module is already running. Perform Install/Reload module in platfrom action.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The modue is reloaded. It should be tested for example on different implementation if Action
  1. Debug standalone module
    1. Perform Debug Project action
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Debug is started. Try also:
                 stop on toggled breakpoint
                 Apply code change
                 Step into, Step over, Step out
                 Step into code of platfrom when the sources are present in platfrom (look at Tools
  1. Create nbm
    1. Perform create nbm on netbeans module project
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The nbm file was created in build folder
  1. Building suite
    1. Perform build all on module suite
    • EXPECTED RESULT: All modules are build in module suite. The module's jars are stored to build/cluster folder
  1. Run suite
    1. Perform run on suite
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The suite was run. It was used build/testuserdir userdir
  1. Debug suite
    1. Perform debug on suite
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The suite was run in debug mode. It was used build/testuserdir userdir
  1. Build nbms
    1. Perform build nbms on suite (not implemented)
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The nbms were built. Check it it build folder.
  1. Modules node of Suite
    1. explode Modules suite node
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The children consists of modules in suite. Try:
               Add Module on module project 
               Open and Remove module on modules nodes

Test suite: Operations on XML Layer

Setup: Create new module. Modify its layer.xml by adding e.g.new window component (use new file wizard). All actions are invoked subnodes of layer.xml node. This node is found under project node | important files | XML layer | <this layer> As a subnode you can use e.g. Menu node.

  1. Open Layer Files Action
    1. Invoke Open layer file(s).
    • EXPECTED RESULT: layer.xml file is opened in editor. You should see registration of e.g. menu action etc.
  1. Pick Icon Action
    1. invoke Pick Icon..
    2. browse for some icon
    3. close the dialog
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Icon is registered in layer.xml file. Expand and collapse node (you invoked action on) and you should see the icon.
  1. Localize Name Action
    1. Invoke Localize name..
    2. Type some name
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Check if layer.xml contains reference to Bundle and Bundle contains localized name. Name of node where you invoked the action should change.

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