TS 61 OptionsDialog

Options Dialog Test Specification for NetBeans 6.1

Author: Roman Strobl, update by Petr Chytil
Lastupdate: 12/03/2007
Introduction: This document serves as a testspeciation of the options dialog. The Options dialog was redesigned completely and replaces the old options dialog. The main goals of redesign were improved UI, better usability and especially easier discoverability of indivdual options. Currently both dialogs are present in the IDE, the classic view will be removed in next releases. This testspec focuses on core functionality of new Options dialog. Tests of individual options from additional modules plugged into Options dialog should be included in testspecs for these modules.


Test suite: General Options

Purpose: General tests of Options dialog.
Setup: Start the IDE.

  1. Options Startup
    1. Invoke new Options dialog from main menu in Tools | Options.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Progress bar should be displayed untill new Options dialog is opened. Startup time should be less than 5 secs on standard workstation. Categories should be displayed on the top and General section should be opened by default.
  1. Options After Startup
    1. Start the IDE.
    2. Right after startup, open new Options dialog from Tools | Options.
    3. Click through all sections and tabs of the Options dialog right after startup.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: No exceptions should be thrown. The dialog should look reasonable even if data is not loaded yet. All sections should be accessible.
  1. Web Browser
    1. Try to change web browser to all available options.
    2. Open web browser from View | Web Browser.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: www.netbeans.org should appear in all available browsers. Only browsers which are present on your OS should be listed among options.
  1. Proxy Settings
    1. Try to change proxy settings.
    2. Check if web is accessible or not accessible according to the proxy settings change.
    3. Go to Tools | Update Center and check if all changes are propagated to Update Center.
    4. Change Proxy settings in Update Center and check if changes are propagated properly to Options dialog.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Settings should persist, no values should be lost. Changes in Options should propagate to Update Center and vice versa.

Test suite: Miscellaneous

  1. Ant Settings
    1. Try to change all of the Ant settings.
    2. Verify that all options work as defined.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: All settings should work as expected.
  1. Form Settings
    1. Try to change all of the Form settings.
    2. Verify that all options work as defined.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: All settings should work as expected.

Test suite: Advanced Options

  1. Switching to Advanced Options
    1. Switch to the Advanced Options.
    2. Switch back Basic Options.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: No exceptions are thrown, it takes reasonably short time to swith there and back.
  1. Advanced Options Settings
    1. Try to randomly change some of the settings in the Advanced Options. Choose those which already exist in Basic Options.
    2. Check their values in Basic Options.
    3. Try to change these values again in Advanced Options.
    4. Check their values in Advanced Options.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: All settings should be changed in both Options dialogs.

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