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Mobility Pack Test Specification for functionality in Mobility that doesn't fit anywhere else

Author: Lukas Hasik
Version: 1.2
Lastupdate: 30.5.2008


Test suite: Mobility Deployment manager

Purpose: Test functionality of Mobility Deployment manager

  1. Open Mobility Deployment Manager
    1. Open Tools > Mobility Deployment
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Manager window opens
  2. Add instance
    1. Select any deployment type in Mobility Deployment manager
    2. Click Add Instance button
    3. Provide a name for the instance and finish the add dialog with OK
    • EXPECTED RESULT: New instance appears under the selected deployment category
  3. Modify instance
    1. Select any deployment instance in Mobility Deployment manager
    2. Change values of the instance
    3. Close the manager
    4. Reopen the manager
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Te new values are correctly restored

Test suite: Keystores manager

Purpose: Test the functionality of Keystores manager

  1. Open Keystores manager
    1. Tools > Keystores
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Keystores manager opens
  2. Add Existing Keystore
    1. Tools > Keystores
    2. Click Add Keystore
    3. Select Add Existing Keystore, browse to keystore on your disc (you can use keystore)
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Keystore is opened in Keystore manager. There are following keys in the testing.ks keystore - 1, First, with all values set up to First (password is "First1"), 2, Second with all values/password set up Second.
  3. Create New Keystore
    1. Tools > Keystores
    2. Click Add Keystore
    3. Select Create a New Keystore, provide name, password etc.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: New empty keystore is created.
  4. Add New Key Pair
    1. Have a keystore selected in Keystore manager
    2. Click New...
    3. Fill up the Create Key Pair dialog with values
    4. Click OK
    • EXPECTED RESULT: New key appear in the Keys table of the keystore.
  5. Export Key
    1. Have a keystore selected in Keystore manager (e.g. keystore)
    2. Select a key
    3. Click Export...
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Export Key into Java ME SDK/Emulator/Platform dialog opens. You can specify the platform where the key will be exported, the security domain. When you pressExport then the key appears in the list of Keys Registered in the Platform.
  6. Delete Key Pair
    1. Have a keystore selected in Keystore manager
    2. Click Delete button
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The selected key is deleted from the keystore.
  7. Remove Keystore
    1. Select a keystore in Keystores manager
    2. Click Remove button
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Keystore is removed from the manager.

Test suite: Mobility Sample

Purpose: Test functionality of samples in Mobility

  1. Create sample project
    1. New Project > Samples > Mobility > MIDP/CDC
    2. Choose a sample project
    3. Click Next, Finish
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Project is created in IDE
    1. Run project
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Project runs in emulator. Test all sample projects under Mobility category.

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