TS 60 WindowComponentWizard

Test Specification for Window Component wizard

Author: Tomas Musil
Last update: 12.09.2005
Introduction: This testspec tests basics of Window component wizard. You need to create a module project. (e.g. File | New project, NB plugin module - module project, choose standalone module, and default platform (IDE))


Test suite: Window Component Wizard

Purpose: Window component allows you create your own windows.
Setup: To enter this wizard, choose File| New file. In project combo, select your module. Choose "Netbeans Module devlopment", "Window component". Click NEXT

  1. Placement of window
    1. Choose on step two Explorer window position.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: You are able to select between various positions of your new window.
  1. Open at startup
    1. Check Open at startup checkbox in step two
    • EXPECTED RESULT: If checked, the new window will be opened after run of your module.
  1. Class name prefix, wrong name
    1. Enter non java identifier (e.g. use spaces,forbidden characters, etc) into Class name prefix textfield
    • EXPECTED RESULT: You get message about invalid class name, Finish button is disabled.
  1. Class name prefix
    1. Enter java identifier (e.g. MyWindow) into Class name prefix textfield
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Finish button is enabled, no warning displayed
  1. Icon selection
    1. Browse and select some 16x16 icon that will be associated with this window (you'll see it in Window menu).
    • EXPECTED RESULT: GIF and PNG images can be chosen.
  1. Package selection
    1. Select some existing package in editable Pacakage combobox
    2. If you want to create new package, you can edit combobox and enter new package name. You should be informed if you enter invalid package name. (see issue 64135)
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Source code for your window will be generated into this package.
  1. Final test of appearance
    1. After you've finished wizard, invoke popup on your module, select Run project
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Module is running. See if your window is present in explorer position (i.e.where project and files views are by default), if in menu Window is item representing your window (and has appropriate icon that you've selected)

Generated: Tue Dec 19 17:18:33 CET 2006

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