TS 60 TaskList

NetBeans Tasklist Test Specification for Nb6.0

Author: Petr Zajac Version: 0.1
Last update: 20.04.2007
UI Specification: http://core.netbeans.org/proposals/tasklist_ui_spec.htm
API Review: TaskListAPIReview
Issuezilla component: Task list



Test suite: TODO tasks

Purpose: Tests todo list implemenataion of tasks list SPI
Setup: Open tasklist window for Window menu

  1. }}Test case TODO projects/editor filters:}}
    1. Show TODO tasks for a main project, opened projects and opened document
  2. }}Test case TODO subproject:}}
    • Setup: Create two j2se projects P1 and P2. P2 depends on P1. P1 is main
    1. Show tasks for main project
    • EXPECTED RESULT: tasks from P1 are visible
  3. Test case TODO task update}}
    1. check updating of tasks after File Save action
  4. }}Test case TODO task sort
    1. Check sorting of tasks on task view (click to the headers)
  5. }}Test case TODO tree view versus list view
    1. Switch between tree view and list wiew

Result: Tree view - sorted by types (Error, sugestion, warning)

  1. }}Test todo different filters
    1. create (also delete) few different filters (popup|Filter|edit)
    2. apply these filters
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