TS 60 PropertyEditors

PropertyEditors Test Specification for NetBeans 6.0

Author: Marian Mirilovic

       This is intended as test of Property Editors, Property Customizers and 
       property value persistence after set by editor, customizer or 
       set wrong value or cancel customizer after value changing. Install File:PropertyEditorTest TS 60 PropertyEditors.nbm this module in IDE (using Tools|Plugins Downloaded tab). This module adds action TEST PE into File menu. Invoke this action to display properties. 


Test suite: Property Editors tests (Primitive Data Types and their wrappers)


           Check default values, possibility to change values and type invalid values.

  1. Property Editor for type : java.lang.Boolean Automated
    1. click on property Boolean (default value="True")
    2. uncheck checkbox
    • EXPECTED RESULT: New value is "False".
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