TS 60 NewFeatures

APIsupport New Features in NetBeans 6.0

Author: Petr Zajac
Last update: 26.07.2007
UI Specificatio: http://apisupport.netbeans.org/60-ui.html
Introduction: Please make familiar with basics of developing modules using apisupport. You need to know what is "platform" agains which you develop, etc.


Meta-Inf services browser


  1. Explore META-INF/services (exported and and all) for standalone, module in suite and nb.org module
  2. Add new service from popup of explorer, the service is bold in all services view
  3. Mask service (delete action) - service is striked
  4. Delete registered service
  5. Adding and removing service in META-INF/services folder in sources

Test libraries Node


  1. Libraries node for standalone module, module in a suite, and nb.org module
    1. Add module
    2. Remove module
    3. Add, remove module by editing nbproject/project.xml
  2. Test Library customizer
    1. recursive dependecy checbox
    2. compilation dependency checkbox
    3. Include test module
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