TS 60 MobilityUpdateFromAUC

"Mobility Pack Update from AutoUpdate Center" Test Specification for "NetBeans 6.0"

Author: "Lukas Hasik"
Version: "1.0"
Last update: "11/09/2007"
Introduction: "There are more ways how to upgrade the NetBeans IDE to add the Mobility Pack End2End functionality"
Comments: "we will focus on updating of Mobiltiy Pack with End2End functionality. Other cases like update Basic IDE with Mobility should be covered by ["


Test suite: "Update Mobility Pack distribution with End2End functionality"

Purpose: "The basic scenario for End2End users"
Setup: "Download, install, run the Mobility Pack distribution"

  1. "End2End is not there"
    1. "action 1 Check that there are not available file templates Mobile Client To Web Application and Java ME Web Service Client on Mobility project"
    2. "action 2 Check that modules org-netbeans-modules-mobility-end2end.jar, org-netbeans-modules-mobility-jsr172.jar, org-netbeans-modules-mobility-end2end-kit.jar are not presented in <nb_install_dir>/mobility8/modules/ directory"
    • EXPECTED RESULT: "the end2end functionality isn't available in NetBeans IDE Mobility Pack distribution"
  1. "Add End2End functionality"
    1. "action 1 Open Tool > Plugins"
    2. "action 2 Go to Available plugins"
    3. "action 3 Install Mobility End to End module"
    • EXPECTED RESULT: "The End2End functionality is available in IDE. Check the the templates/files named in End2End is not there are in the IDe now"

Test suite: "End2End is ready in Full distribution"

Purpose: "The basic scenario for users of full NetBeans distribution"
Setup: "Download, install, run the ALL distribution"

  1. "No Mobility module on AUC"
    1. "action 1 Tools > Plugins"
    2. "action 2 Go to Available plugins"
    • EXPECTED RESULT: "There is no module in category Mobility"

Test suite: "Add Mobility functionality to Web&Java EE distribution"

Purpose: "Update a netbeans distribution with the mobility pack functionality"
Setup: "Download, install, run the Web&Java EE distribution"

  1. "Add Mobility modules"
    1. "action 1 Open Tool > Plugins"
    2. "action 2 Go to Available plugins"
    3. "action 3 Install all module in Mobility category"
    • EXPECTED RESULT: "The mobility pack functionality is available in IDE."

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