TS 60 JavaEditor

Editor Test Specification

Author: Roman Strobl & Max Sauer & Jiri Prox
Version: 6.0
Last update: 26.01.2006

       This document serves as a test specification for editor module. It covers main editor features as navigation in the source code, copy & paste, code folding and others features.


       I have created  an archive with all samples used in this document. You can easily unzip it and use it. Please note that some files in this archive cannot be compiled, that is ok, because some tests require special java files.  

The sign "->" is used frequently in this document. This means that something is expected, e.g. "-> dialog with title Question" has the same meaning as "Wait for the dialog with the title Question". If this dialog doesn't appeared fill an Issue in Issuezilla.

If you find some differences between results described in this document and your results then please fill an issue.


Test suite: Startup Test

Purpose: Test speed and issues appeared by inicialization.
Setup: IDE should be started with new userdir (first start) for each test from this suite. Start these tests immediately after main window is opened. How to start IDE with a new userdir? Go to netbeans\bin directory and run the IDE with switch --userdir. Increase the number in name of user_directory.
cd ..\netbeans\bin
.\runide.sh -userdir userdir_directory1
(Change all backslash to slash on unix platforms).

  1. Open Editor After Startup
    1. Open file OpenFile.java in IDE. Use main menu File|Open.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Editor should be opened within a reasonable time. It should be less than 3 sec. on usual workstation.
  1. Open Editing Options After Startup
    1. Start the IDE.
    2. Immediatelly after startup try to open Java editor settings options from Tools
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