TS 60 DiffFile

Diff file Test Specification for NetBeans 6.0

Authors: Radim Roska
Version: 1.0
Last update: 3th July 2007
Introduction: This is test specification of editor support for diff files.


Test suite: Ide support

Purpose: This test suite checks that diff files are correctly configurable in IDE options and its possible to open diff files.
Setup: No preparation is necessary for this test suite.

  1. </span>testcase Checking options for diff files</span>
    1. Invoke Tools | Options....
    2. Select Editor , then Code Templates tab and ensure there is Diff file in language combobox
    3. Select Fonts&Colors , then Syntax tab and select there is Diff file category in language combobox
    4. There are categories like added line, removed line, file name...by selecting these categories correct element in preview should be marked
    • EXPECTED RESULT: all options exists and are correctly configurable
  1. create diff file
    1. Invoke File | New File... from main menu.
    2. Select Empty file option from Other category and press Next
    3. name file with .diff extension, e.g. sample.diff, finish
    • EXPECTED RESULT: new empty file is opened with proper icon in tab

Test suite: Syntax highlighting support

Purpose: This test suite checks that syntax highlighting works correctly.
Setup: No preparation is necessary for this test suite.

  1. Syntax highlighting
    1. Copy whole content of this document into file created in 1st test suite.
    2. Compare the syntax highlighting of file with this picture.
    • {{{1}}}, removed line red }}. }}

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