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Bug Lists

Please file your idea with exact filename and exact operation where you need enhancement. You can file bugs by yourself, or please send your comments to, someone can help for filing bugs.

bugid subject notes
96736 I18N: RFE - localization for "JSF Pages from Entity Class" JSP pages

Wish List

Here we will define some requeriments, suggestions and wishes from TF teams. Some items can need IDE RFE. The main idea is define several issues that we need solve for NetBeans 6.0. Adding notes, prioritizing and evaluating them and decide how to proceed - either by filing a bug, enhancement, or getting support from Sun or elsewhere.

  • Ability to translate all templates on IDE, mainly JEE templates, as web pages and so on (JSF and JSP wizards)
  • Possibility to translate all Ant output
  • Define mnemonics just inside original label. Somethings that can help us during translation process is when mnemonics are defined inside the label value, using '&' character. When developers uses another key just for mnemonic, it is so hard to translate this on OmegaT for example, and, since OmegaT update all 100% match strings, when I translate a mnemonic, all similar mnemonics are updated too.

Snippets from some issues, from pt_BR testers (Need to be well-formatted):

  • Ao criar novo arquivo de bundle, o comentario do novo arquivo criado esta
  em inglês, sugiro traduzir para "Arquivo de propriedades Pacote de Recursos


  • Ao criar novo projeto de exemplo GUI Form Example, em Novo Projeto ->

Exemplos -> Geral ->

   Exemplos. Quando o projeto é criado, o netBeans abre o arquivo Readme.txt da


   e o mesmo esta em inglês.
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