NetBeans Localization Test Specs

Test Specification is a document to describe test scenarios. To give any feedback, please write to dev@translatedfiles mailing list; or just click here.
Feel free to add your test scenarios here, we just recommend you to follow the only two rules described below:

  • Use Test Specification Editor to create Test Spec document
  • Page's wiki name should have common prefix "TFTC"
    For example, test spec for Web Baics can be "TFTCWebBasic"

Index pages for releases

Test Specification Editor

Test Specification Editor (JNLP) is used to create test scenario. It's distributed from NetBeans QE team. The overall steps are:

  1. Run Test Specification Editor
  2. Select top node '?module?' and fill the fields
  3. Right click top node, and create new Test Suite. The Test Suite is a sceaniro, you can include mutli test suites in a test spec
  4. Right click created test suite, and add new test case. The Test case is a minimum item which have steps, and expected result.
  5. Generate Wiki source to paste into this site.
    1. Select "Tools" > "Transform to HTML"
    2. Select "testspec2jspwiki.xsl", and enter your output file, then click "Transform"
  6. Open the generated file, and paste that contents as a wiki source


  • Links: You can use Wiki formatting for test spec. When you add URL links, use one of the following formats:
[[Link| click here]]

File issues for localized NetBeans

  1. Please make sure the category is translatedfiles, and for others, please see the instruction page. You can use the following URL to report l10n bugs, and some test spec have that link in the contents.
  2. To ease localization issue reporting, we created an IZ template that pre-fill all generic issue information. Hence to report an localization issue, just click to below link and complete issue filling:

Report L10n Issue
Additionally, when creating test cases with the Test Specification Editor, you can simply add this link to section 'comment' of a module...

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