Web Applicatoin Basic Test Specification

Author: KeiichiOono
Version: 1.3
Lastupdate: 2008/05/09
Introduction: Testing of the localized UI for basic Web Application features.
Comments: Report L10n Issue in IssueZilla


Test suite: Web App. Basic

Purpose: Test the localized UI for Web Application Project creation, HTTP editing, and JSP editing.
Setup: GlassFish V2 or Tomcat
You need to install bundled GlassFish V2 or Tomcat. If you don't have them, you can install one of them from the NetBeans installer. (Make sure to click option button to install Tomcat)

  1. Do the tutorial
    1. Do the tutorial "Introduction to Developing Web Application:
    2. Check the translated UI messages and product behavior
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The translated UI is good to understand. The product works without any errors.
  2. Use your native language in pages and values (Optional)
    1. Follow the tutorial "Introduction to Developing Web Application, and use your native language for "Hello World!" in the index.jsp, and "Hello" in the responce.jsp., and make sure you need to add the following two steps
    2. When you insert form in the index.jsp (Editing the Default JavaServer Pages File, step #3), select "PUT" as Method. If you use exising page, modify form tag as follows:
<form name="Name Input Form" action="responce.jsp" method="POST">
    1. Before execuing the Web applicaiton, insert the following line next of <body> tag (it should be the first line in the body).

<% request.setCharacterEncoding("UTF-8"); %>

    • EXPECTED RESULT: The native language is displayed correctly in the JSP pages, and input character is displayed correctly.

Comments: You have to change form method from "GET" to "PUT" to make it work with your native langauge. To use native language with "GET" method, you have to configure the server. For example, you need to edit server.xml for Tomcat 6.x to add an attribute useBodyEncodingForURI="true" in the Connector element. For example:

    <Connector port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1"


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