Creating a Simple SOA Application Test Specification

Author: KeiichiOono
Version: 1.2
Lastupdate: 2008/05/13
Introduction: Basic Testing of the localized UI for SOA features (WSDL editor, BPEL designer, and CASA editor).


Test suite: Creating a Simple SOA Application With NetBeans

Purpose: Test the localized UI for SOA features.
Setup: GlassFish V2 You need to install bundled GlassFish V2 with OpenESB. If you don't have them, you can install it from the NetBeans installer.

  1. Do the tutorial
    • Comments: You can also use the translated 6.0 tutorial for 6.1 testing. Please note that the following things to test 6.1 product with 6.0 tutorial:
      Creating the BPEL Process
      * Drop "Partner Link" into the left pane of the design editor (you now have three panes in 6.1 BPEL editor)
      * When you edit "Recive" and "Reply" activity, not dobule-click but click Edit button to modify activities.
    1. Do the tutorial "Creating a Simple SOA Application With NetBeans":
      For 6.0 testing:
      For 6.1 testing:
    2. Check the translated UI messages and product behavior.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The translated UI is good to understand. The product works without any errors. The Web Service Test Page is displayed in English.
  2. Store native language into the test file (Optional)
    1. Right-click "SampleCompositeApp" project, and select "Undeploy" from pop-up menu.
    2. Go to C:\Temp, or another direcotry which you specified as fileDirectory property
    3. Rename output.txt to input.txt
    4. Remove directories (archives and filebc_tmp), and file (filebc.lck)
    5. In the NetBeans IDE, right-click SampleCompositeApp, and select "Deploy"
    6. Go to C:\Temp or other directory which you specified as fileDirectory property.
    7. Check the output.txt file
    • EXPECTED RESULT: You native language is stored into output.txt file. Please note that output.txt file is UTF-8 encoding. When you are testing in "zh" locale, generated file's encoding is "zh_CN.UTF-8". The encoding conversion should be done correctly by the applicaiton server.


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