Download Page Test Specification for 6.0.1

Author: Masaki Katakai
Version: 1.1
Lastupdate: 2008/01/16


Test suite: Download Page Localization

Purpose: Download page is now localized. This test will check the localized contents on download page.
Comments: TODO
Setup: Prepare localized OS and browsers (IE, Firefox and Safari)

  1. Default Page Language
    • Comments: Please use localized IE, Firefox and Safari
    • Setup: Go to download page of ml release
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The download page will be visible with your language e.g. Japanese, Chinese.
  2. Select Page Language by selection menu
    • Setup: Choose a language from language menu (located on right-top on the page)
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The page language will be changed to the selected language. Check the localized strings and links are correct.
  3. Select Language for download bits
    • Setup: Change the language menu for download bits.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: It will change the language of download bits. However, currently ja, zh_CN and pt_BR binaries are all the same size. So nothing will happen.
  4. Select Platform
    • Setup: Try to select to each platform in platform menu.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: When you change the platform, some strings on the page will be changed. For example, Mobility is not available for Solaris. So the notice will be displayed. Please try all platform and check the messages.


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