Swing GUI Application Development Test Specification

Author: KeiichiOono
Version: 1.2
Lastupdate: 2008/05/09
Introduction: Test of IDE GUI Builder
Comments: Report L10n Issue in IssueZilla


Test suite: GUI Building in NetBeans IDE

Purpose: Through this tutorial, verify the localized Palette, Properties windoow, and Properties Editor.

  1. Do the tutorial
    1. Do the tutorial "GUI Building in NetBeans IDE":
    2. Check the translated UI messages and product behavior
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The translated UI is good to understand. The product works without any errors.
  2. Create ContactEditor application with your native language (Optional)
    1. Follow the tutorial "GUI Building in NetBeans IDE", and use your native language for each components UI text (e.g. "First Name:", "Last Name:", "Add", "Advance"):
    • EXPECTED RESULT: All the funciton should work with your native language labels, and the created application should run without errors.


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