NetBeans 6.1 Web Site Localization


Localization Kit

It was created from nb6.1_web-l10n project in Hudson Build #52

priority scope list file prepared by
1 Release Pages list KeiichiOono
2 Product Pages list KeiichiOono
3 Learning Trails (tutorial index pages) list KeiichiOono
3 Tutorials list KeiichiOono
3 Platform list KeiichiOono

Difference between above l10n-kit and original l10n-kit in Hudson

Web l10n-kit is originally created as one zip file. It's built from the information of Handoff table. You can check and see the original kit at here:
Web l10n kit build for NB 6.1

The difference is:

  • Add "charset=UTF-8" attribute when English page does not have
  • Remove NAV_* attribute from meta tag. It must be removed in the translated pages
  • Exclude PHP related pages
  • Exclude image files
  • Exclude site top page. Original l10n-kit includes testwww/www/index.html and testwww/www/ Those two files should not be translated. The translated top page should follow the template in the web guideline.
  • Create zip file for each categories


List and status

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