Mission of the TranslatedFiles Community

updated 11 July 2008


Mission Statement

  • Here, some brainstorm ideas that we can discuss and refine. Add your own ideas.


  • Provide international users with the best IDE and application platform possible - in their native language
  • Spread technologies supported by IDE
  • Improve developers' productivity
  • Gain experience in leadership, team collaboration, project management
  • The internationalization efforts give a i18n head start to applications developed on the NetBeans Platform. If you are using project management, wouldn't it be nice to have project terminology immediately available in several languages, with proven quality and consistency?

What we do/business:

  • Translate software
  • Translate documentation to share knowledge with people in different languages
  • Ensure our contributions meet certain level of quality, high enough to build trust from users or readers
  • more

Values, beliefs:

  • There is value in having a native language version of the product
  • Every contribution counts (whether large or small)
  • Share knowledge, share code, share culture
  • Openness, friendliness, trust (trustfulness, trustworthiness)
  • Pride, passion for our work

Target audience:

  • Developers around the world
  • Students around the world (say 'universities' instead so we can include teaching staff, professors?)
  • more

Tips & References

  • Tips for writing a mission statement
  • Mission = purpose = reason for being. Why this project was created initially.
  • State who we are, what we do, the why of this project and our involvement
  • Everyone involved should have some input into the mission statement
  • The stated purpose should inspire support and on-going commitment to be involved and participate. It should be motivational and express our sense of pride in our goals and contributions.
  • Should be three or four lines of words or about one paragraph
  • Why we exist (what needs we address; our purpose) and what we hope to achieve (our work and efforts); our values (guiding principles and beliefs).
  • Look for examples of mission statements elsewhere
  • The statement should create dynamic, visual images and inspire action.
  • A good mission statement provides strategic vision and direction for the organization and should not have to be revised every few years. Goals and objectives are the short-term measures used to get there.
  • References
  • Examples
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