Processing UI/messages

  • File types: properties, msghtml
  • Number of Handoffs: Generally 3
  • 1st after Beta
  • 2nd after UI/message freeze dates
  • 3rd after Code freeze
  • 4th possibly at the last RC release


Days/Weeks Task Comments
Prepare L10nkits
* for Sun translators * for Community
* Prepare NOI18N
* Monitor for missing files
* Track volume for translation
World Server Pre-processing For all the files:
* Remove unnecessary files (e.g. some image icon files).
* Remove cluster numbers (i.e. change cnd2/ide9/uml5/... to cnd/ide/uml/...).
a) Properties:
* Check "comments" format (#...).
* Remove the specific version numbers (e.g. Dev and RC).
can not be handled in WS, so it has been replaced with BACKSLASH_U before the translation.
b) MSG Html:
* Check "comments" format ().
* Add UTF-8 charset tag to each .html file (remove original meta tag if it exists).
1000-2000 words per day per person Translate All files delivered to the translators. Translators deliver back in batches so there are staggered deliveries.
1000 words per hour Linguistic Review Reviewed by linguists or language leads for language accuracy
1000 words per hour Technical Review Reviewed by engineers or developers for technical accuracy
Fixing Translators fix the translations and Translation Memory based on feedback from linguistic and technical reviews
Post processing For all the files:
* Add the cluster numbers back to top directories (i.e. change ide/ to ide9/).
* Create a new folder other/ and move installer/... and nbi/... under other/...
a) Properties (from WS):
* native2ascii.
* Renaming from *.properties to *_<lang>.properties (_ja, _zh_CN, _pt_BR).
* Replace BACKSLASH_U to
* NOI18N comment out (optional).
b) MSG Html (from WS):
* Renaming from *.html to *_<lang>.html
* Renaming from *.xml to *_<lang>.xml
c) Other file types (handled outside WS):
* .url - renaming them to *_<lang>.url
* .js - native2ascii; renaming them to *_<lang>.js
* .gif - renaming them to *_<lang>.gif
* shortcuts.sxw, shortcuts.pdf: renaming to shortcuts_<lang>.sxw and shortcuts_<lang>.pdf; then place shortcuts_<lang>.pdf to <lang>/other/ide.branding/release/shortcuts_<lang>.pdf and upload shortcuts_<lang>.sxw to
Integration into the source tree Integrate NetBeans repository
Verification in the build Check the translated UI and messages per the test plan
File bugs and fix
Translation Memory Update and Clean up

Process (l10n bug fix)

Task Comments
Translation Memory entry update engineer or linguist edit Translation Memory entries
file generation generate .properties files with updated messages
post processing
integration integrate updated .properties files into NetBeans l10n repository
verification verify the changes in daily build
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