Processing web contents

  • File types: web contents
  • Number of Handoffs: Generally 1
  • 1st after English release

Categories and priority to translate

Category Priority Comments
Release documents (Release Notes and Installation Instruction) 1 Should be translated by release date
Product page ( 2 Should be translated around release date
Learning Trails (index pages. e.g. 3
Tutorials 3


Time Allotment Task Comments
Pre-processing of translation see below
2000 words per day per person Translation Translation of new/updated contents
1000 words per hour Linguistic Review Reviewed by linguists or language leads for language accuracy
1000 words per hour Technical Review Reviewed by engineers or developers for technical accuracy
Fixing Translators fix the translations and Translation Memory based on feedback from linguistic and technical reviews
Post-processing of translation see below
Integration into the web site

Pre-processing of translation

In every release, we post the web contens l10n-kit into the When you localize NetBeans web contents, you can pick up zip file which has the pre-processing already completed by Sun l10n team.

Post-processing of translation

  • Rename the HTML file help set file .html
    The locale suffix needs to be added (e.g. foo_pt_BR.html)

Web contents localization guideline

Description in <meta> tag

The description in meta tag should be translated when you translate page contents.


<meta name="description" content="NetBeans IDE Documentation,
Support Resources, and Tutorials">


Some web pages have a screen image of the IDE. If there are localized IDE in your language, you can make image files of your localized IDE, but it's not required when you publish translated page.


It's nice if all the links in a HTML file are modified to point translated pages when there is. It's a little complex because:

  • Need to verify if there are translated pages
  • Almost translation tools (e.g. OmegaT) does not support link translation. You have to modify links in every updates
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