Localization Development Update Center

This page intends to explain what the Localization Development Update Center is: the reason behind its creation, a functional overview, how to access it, and how to publish from this UC to the Stable UC. [[{INSERTTableOfContentsWHERETitle=Content} | {INSERT TableOfContents WHERE title=Content}]]

Why a Localization Development Update Center?

The number of communities localizing NetBeans is growing. More and more people are interested in translating their favorite IDE into their native language. Until now, developers contributed translations but could not see the fruit of their work unless they did a complicated local build. Community builds took months to implement and make available for testing and reviewing their work.

In order to simplify and facilitate this process, Sun is offering to centralize the effort by creating a new Update Center (UC): the Localization Development UC.

From now on, communities will be able to update their IDE with localization packages based on the latest status of the localization repository.



File:L10nDevUC TFLocalizationDevelopmentUC.jpg


  1. The content of the Mercurial/CVS repository is updated daily through various commits made by the communities.
  2. Twice a week, an automated job will build NBM packages from the current repository status.
  3. The Localization Development UC contains "localization plugins"* for each language that has translations committed to the repository.
  4. When a community feels confident about publishing a module to the Stable UC (i.e. the translations have been reviewed and the builds tested), they just fill out a regular NetBeans Auto Update Center Publishing Request.
  5. The request is evaluated by the UC team, and if everything appears stable, the localization kit will be updated on the side of the Stable UC.

* The translation volume status of a localization plugin is displayed on the description panel and is refreshed only twice a day. There could be slight difference of 1% with the translation status page..

Accessing the L10n UC

  1. Install, launch NetBeans
  2. Click menu 'Tools' -> 'Plugins'
  3. In pop-up window select tab 'Settings'
  4. Click 'Add':
  1. OK
  2. Go to Tab 'Available Plugins' and find the localization plugin you would like to install.

Publishing a localized module to the Stable UC

As mentioned above, in order to officially publish a localized module to the Stable UC, it is necessary to fill out a NetBeans Auto Update Center Publishing Request.

For more information on how to ... go to
For accessing the NetBeans Auto Update Center Publishing Request form go to


Special thanks to Rudolf Balada and Robert Novak from the Build Engineering team for their co-operation and implementing this solution!


If you would like further clarification or would like to know more about the Localization Development UC,
simply write to "Localization_AUC" dev@translatedfiles!

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