Localize images in web pages

Here is some information to localize images in NetBeans web pages (e.g. Tutorials, Product Features, or others).

Localize images
To replace images with localized one. In almost cases, it means to replace IDE's dialog image or window image with your localized IDE's images.

You can see many dialog images or window images in tutorials or other web pages. If there is a localized NetBeans IDE in your language, it's nice if translated tutorials are published with window images of your localized IDE.


  • Localized images are not required when publishing translated web contents
  • Anyone can contribute localized images for any translated web pages

As a default, web pages translated by Sun don't have localized images.

You don't have to care about who translated that web page. You can contribute localized images for any translated web pages. It's really appreciated your contribution!!

For example, we have Chinese translated IDE Quickstart, and all image files in that translated page are English version. It was translated by Sun, but feel free to localize the images it contains!

Here are detailed steps to take images in Windows environment only. It not a MUST to follow this document however it contains good tips for taking quality screen shots in a consistent manner:
Screenshots for DevTools - how to take them consistent way

How to contribute localized images

  • Create zip file which contains your image files
  • Send it to dev @ translatedfiles-dot-netbeans-dot-org, or if you know any project members who is doing NetBeans localization, send it to her/him.

For web contents committers

When you commit your localized images or contributed localized images

  • Localized image files must be located in the same directory as follows.
  • Must be located in same directory
  • File name must be changed to have language suffix
In case a tutorial file has:
  <img src="/images/articles/60/foo/bar.png">

Your translated tutorial must have:
  <img src="/images/articles/60/foo/bar_{lang}.png">

   /images/articles/60/foo/bar_pt_BR.png  :  Brazilian Portuguese
   /images/articles/60/foo/bar_zh_CN.png  :  Simplified Chinese
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