Synergy is a web tool made by netbeans quality team that simplify testing phase during NetCAT program.


Prior to introducing NetBeans own test case management tool called Synergy v0.5 during NetCAT 8.0 program, all testing was performed by following test specifications in Wiki.

NetCAT participants can have 2 roles:

  1. Tribe member
  2. Tribe leader

Everyone tasks

NetCAT participants are requested for test specification running phase in specific periods. Outside those periods NetCAT participants can edit test specifications.

Editing specification

At any time you can look at a specification by selecting them in the matrix of test specifications.

Basic hierarchy of a test specification:

  • A test specification consists of test suites.
  • A test suite consists of test cases.

Your influence is not small:

  • You can create test specifications, test suites and test cases.
  • You can also delete these, if there is a very good reason to do so.
  • You can change order of test cases or test suites
  • You can fix text, make it nicer to read, add description to make the next iteration of the specification more readable.

Run tests

Before all important milestones (Beta, RC, FCS) so called Test Runs are created and tribe members assigned test specifications to perform on certain platforms. As a tribe member you will be notified about your test assignments but you can also volunteer for other assignments outside your tribe.

During test run the test specification will be displayed and to progress you need to make a choice:

  1. Passed - Test case finished successfully and expected result was achieved.
  2. Skipped - Test case could not be completed for some reason (obsolete instructions, missing prerequisites etc.).
  3. Failed - Test case could not be completed. It's mandatory to Report an issue or choose an existing one.

Tribe Leader tasks

Manage specification list of your tribe

Every tribe has a list of test specifications for various NetBeans versions. Maven tribe's list can be like this:

  • Maven Support Test Specification 8.0
  • Maven Support Test Specification 7.4 (newer version exists, see here)
  • Maven 7.3
  • Maven OSGI 7.4

By clicking edit in your tribe you may access the management of the list. Tribe leader's task is to manage this list of test specifications but please do not delete any specification without very valid reason.

Some use cases

  1. Removing Maven Support Test Specification 7.4
    • If Synergy informs you that a newer specification is available, you can remove Maven Support Test Specification 7.4 with no stress.
  2. Removing Maven 7.3
    • It's nice to discuss with author of the test specification or at least fellow tribe members and provide motivation for such removal prior the deletion. You can edit description of the test specification in question to explain the reason.
  3. Cloning Maven OSGI 7.4 for version 8.0
    • This test specification is a valid test specification but NetCAT program is running for version 8.0 already. Because of that the Maven OSGI 7.4 test specification will not be listed if volunteers outside your tribe filter test specifications by version 8.0. To create a new version for 8.0 you need to Clone the specification for version 8.0.

Manage members

You may remove or add member to a tribe. You must notify NetCAT Coordinator.

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