Refactoring support in Spring beans configuration files

This page describes the support for refactoring Spring beans configuration files.


General notes

The refactoring support processes all files in the list of configuration files described in SpringSupportProject. Bean and Java class/method usages are found in bean and alias elements and their subelements, as well as elements in the util namespace.

Find usages

The Spring support will plug into the Java find usages to show Spring beans definitions which refer to Java elements (classes, methods, fields, properties). The Find Usages action will be available for bean definitions as well, to show beans used by other beans (for example in aliases or as arguments to constructors and properties).


When Java elements are moved or renamed, beans configuration files referring to these elements need to be updates as well. This includes:

  • showing previews of the changes that are to be performed in the beans config files.
  • writing the changes.

Safely delete

Similary, when Java elements are deleted, beans configuration files referring the these elements need to be displayed in the Safe Delete preview.


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