Spring Framework support plan for NetBeans 7.0


User-visible features

The following are the list of features planned for NetBeans 7.0 release.

Feature Priority (1-3) Specification Milestone Owner Status
Editor hints P2 SpringSupportEditor M2 Vadiraj
-- Bean Navigator P3 SpringSupportNavigation YYY Search box and outline all elements in the open bean configuration file. Search by bean names and elements of a bean.
Find usages of beans by other beans P2 SpringSupportRefactoring M2 YYY
-- Support for the util namespace P2 SpringSupportRefactoring M3 YYY
-- Of bean names P3 SpringSupportRefactoring M2 YYY
Visual Editor for a Bean configuration file P3 YYY Display graphically all beans in the configuration file and cross-references between them (Read Only). Option to open the Java Type and highlight the bean in the xml file.
Refactoring : Renaming Java class references in Bean P2 M3 Sujit 139526 : Refactoring/renaming provision for Java class names in positions withing elements in a Bean like, Bean/Property->value and Bean/Property/Bean->class, etc.
Disabling "Go To Spring Bean" menu item when not required P3 M1 Sujit 151379
Spring support in Java EE5/EJB3.0 style XXX YYY 151814


Estimates are here.

Issues to be fixed for 7.0

Priority Description Owner Status Issue Link Comments
P3 NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.spring.beans.ui.customizer.SpringCustomizerPanel.editGroupButtonActionPerformed Sujit Nair 150569
P2 freeze while code completion in XML-file Sujit Nair 150723
P3 NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.spring.beans.editor.SpringXMLConfigEditorUtils.getTagAttributes Sujit Nair 151653
P3 NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.spring.beans.ui.customizer.SpringCustomizerPanel.editGroupButtonActionPerformed Sujit Nair 151946


These are mostly non-user visible, but are required for the user-visible features, or to ensure code quality and stability.

Task Priority Milestone Owner Status Comments
Rewrite the Model P1 M1 Sujit, Vadiraj
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