Spring module estimates for 7.0

This document outlines the estimates (time and resource) for the planned features of Spring module for NetBeans 7.0 IDE. The feature implementation would start after M1 and ends on M3 CF.

General Improvements

  1. Editor Hints (40 person days)
    1. Various editor hints to show the dis-integration between the metadata (spring config file) and the rest of the project. At present only the hint indication is planned and the corrective actions where possible would be taken up in the upcoming release.
  2. Bean Navigator (20 person days)
    1. Enhanced Navigator view for spring configuration file which shows the beans and the associated inter-relation.
  3. Refactoring (30 person days)
    1. Support for util name space (which provides easy ways of defining metadata structures.
    2. Bean name renaming.
    3. Renaming Java names in bean.
  4. Visual graph to show bean inter-relation and navigation. (Not planned)
  5. Spring support for EJB 3.0 (annotation) (Awaiting external contribution)


  • The current NetBeans 7.0 schedule is here.
  • 40+20+30 = 90 Person days. From December 15th, when the feature implementations begin, till M3 CF, there are about 60 person days available. With two resources working in parallel, the planned features can be implemented.
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