How to use NetBeans with Spring Roo projects

Thanks to NetBeans' integrated Maven support, working with Spring Roo projects is very easy. Use the File -> Open Project menu, and just browse for the Roo project you would like to open. The IDE automatically recognizes that this is a Maven project and will open it correctly.

After opening, it will also automatically detect the Web Pages folder and display it in the Projects view.

There is one caveat related to the .jspx pages that Roo uses: when you open a .jspx page in the editor, NetBeans will display an error message on the first lile complaining that the javax.servlet.jsp package is missing and that it can not find some classes. To remedy that, add the following to the pom.xml file:

In the <repositories> section:

                <name>Repository hosting the jee6 artifacts</name>

In the <dependencies> section:


When you rebuild the project, the error message in the jspx editor will disappear.

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