Initial list of tasks for Spring 3 support in NetBeans 69.

Primary tasks

  • bundle new version of Spring JARs
  • update XML schemas to new versions
  • modify framework wizard to have ability to choose Spring version
  • make sure beans existing editing features work (code completion, navigation, refactorings, ...)

Secondary tasks

  • Auto generations of the setters and getters for new properties defined in spring config file.
  • Code completion for elements which namespaces is not defined yet and auto import of the namespaces in spring config file, in the same way like for facelets page.

Other ideas

Clarify/evaluate these and possible include in the plan:

  • Spring Bean generation Wizard or Action
  • Auto generation of the component-scan tag in spring config in case Bean defined as annotation.
  • Error marking, Editor Suggestions
  • Spring Explorer/Visual editor
  • Sample Applications
  • Code completion for Spring EL and CC for static placeholders
  • Annotation support, code completion and suggestions for Spring annotations.
  • JSF 2.0 support in Spring 3: for example generate initial Facelets page but not JSP.
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