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Aqui podemos probar los build de NetBeans.
Aqui esta la guia:

Download Localized NetBeans IDE and NetBeans Platform

Sitio de Descarga

Elijes la version y seleccionas Build Type: Daily.

Ejemplo: NetBeans Version: 5.5 Build Type : Daily

Construir el build

Para construir NetBeans localizado , siga los siguientes pasos:

1. obtenga las fuentes y configure el ambiente

  * WorkingWithNetBeansSources
 Please note that we need to use JDK1.5 and ant 1.7.
 (ant 1.7 is installed under <netbeans6.0installeddir>/java1/ant.)

2. get sources for translation (translatedfiles/src)

  cvs co translatedfiles/src
  if you have already localized file in translatedfiles/src, please get
  the latest ones.

3. If you have your localized files, put them into translatedfiles/src
4. cd nbbuild, ant build-nozip

  NetBeans will be built under nbbuild/netbeans

5. in the same location, ant -Dlocales=<your_language> build-nozip-ml

  e.g. ant -Dlocales=ja build-nozip-ml
  localized NetBeans will be built under nbbuild/netbeans

You can start localized NetBeans by executing nbbuild/netbeans/bin/netbeans, but if you have other installed NetBeans, you can copy "*_<lang>.jar" files from nbbuild/netbeans to the location. It means you can distribute *just* localized jar files to others, you don't need to send entire NetBeans.

Please let me know if you have questions and if you find the build issue.


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