SOAP Monitor using soapUI plugin for Netbeans 6.0

This document describes proposed SOAP monitoring support using the soapUI Netbeans Plugin.


The soapUI plugin for Netbeans 6.0/5.5 provides the SOAP monitoring functionality for Web Services. It also provides various testing and mock development functionalities. The plugin can be downloaded from sourceforge and can be installed using Netbeans Plugin manager. The soapUI plugin allows Netbeans users to create Web Service Test projects and add test cases for Web Service Descriptions (WSDL files) and capture and analyze ongoing SOAP-traffic between an existing client and server.

Current Implementation

Currently, user must create a Web Service Test Project (provided by the plugin), which includes the test cases and SOAP monitoring capabilities for the Web Service Descriptions (WSDLs) added in the project. The document soapUI NetBeans-Plugin describes the creation of Web Service Test projects. File:Figure 1: Project Node File:Figure 2: Project Summary

The getting started guide provides information about adding WSDL files either downloaded locally or using URLs to created projects. It also describes creation and editing of requests of the Web Service operations. File:Figure 3: Request Editor

New test suites which can contain one or more test cases can be added to the project. More information can be found in Getting Started with Functional Testing. More information about creating load tests can be found at Getting Started with Load Testing.

The “Launch SOAP Monitor” action on project nodes launches the SOAP monitor configuration wizard. File:Figure 4: SOAP Monitor Launch Wizard SOAP monitoring can be performed using TCP Tunnel or HTTP Proxy. Captured information can be then used generate test cases or mock services. The SOAP Monitor document describes this in detail. File:Figure 4: SOAP Monitor

Possible Integrations

Must have's for Netbeans 6.1

  • Move the New “Web Service Test Project” from SOA to Enterprise category.
  • Make the project as Versionable Netbeans project.
  • Allow addition of Web Services (not WSDLs) to the Web Service Test Project- add an action to project context menu, add an action to web service context menu.

Nice to have

  • Web Service level
  • Allow monitoring of SOAP traffic to a Web Service- Launch SOAP monitor action on Web Service.
  • Add Validate Web Service action
  • Project Level
  • Expose list of Web Services/WSDLs included in the project (Netbeans support/ service API)
  • Allow (logical) addition of projects containing Web Services to Web Service Test Project. This will result in adding all the Web Services.
  • Allow creation of Web Service test directly under Netbeans Project and show then under the Test Logical View. Possibly invoke the Web Service Tests when project unit tests are invoked.
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