Selenium plugin for PHP project

Before trying Selenium in PHP, be sure to have the PHPUnit and Testing_Selenium packages installed. The recommended way to install both is using PEAR:

pear channel-discover
pear install channel://
pear install Testing_Selenium-beta

Note that most Linux installations will require sudo before the pear command, so $sudo pear .....

In the IDE, using the New File wizard, create a new Selenium Test Case.

New Selenium TestCase

Before creating the first Selenium TestCase, you will be asked setting the selenium tests directory - the directory where selenium test are going to be placed. Selenium tests are created into a standalone directory - it's not mixed with unit tests, since running functional tests usually takes more time then unit tests and it's not desirable to run these tests every time while running unit tests. After creating your first Selenium TestCase, the Run Selenium Tests action will become enabled. You can run your tests using this action.

Run Selenium tests

The tests are executed and the result is show in the same manner as for unit tests.

Selenium tests results

You can also modify Selenium Server settings. Selenium Server is added as a new Server in Services Tab. See Selenium plugin page for more details.

You can also use Selenium in Maven project. You can also use Selenium in Web project.

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