Selenium plugin for Maven

The usage of Selenium in Maven is bit different then the usage in Ant projects. It's not possible to define two test roots for unit and for functional tests in Maven. Thats why most of projects build on maven are using 2 different pom's. One for sources and unit tests and the second for functional tests. This usage is expected either in NetBeans Selenium plugin.

How to use Selenium plugin in NetBeans

  • Download selenium plugin for NetBeans
  • Create new Maven project for functional tests
  • Use new file wizard and create Selenium Test Case for Maven in Selenium category
  • Invoke Build action to run install task with all tests. The tests are executed in test phase
  • You can use Test Project, Test File and Debug File actions from main menu

If you need to use Selenium in Ant project see Selenium plugin for Ant projects.

If you need to use Selenium in PHP project see Selenium plugin for PHP projects.

Selenium Server is bundled with NetBeans Selenium plugin and you can manage it in services tab. If you need to start selenium test from command line not using the IDE, use selenium:start-server maven task to start it before running tests.

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