Instructions for taking NetBeans screenshots


  • Use highest resolution, use OS native design, minimize design/view/layout customizations where possible (OS default layouts are thoroughly tested to look good for most people).
  • There's a huge number of freeware screenshot tools for each OS, but usually you don't need anything more than instructions below.
  • Do not store screenshots in a lossy format like JPG. Use PNG or GIF instead (in worst case BMP). JPG produces visible artifacts and typically creates larger files because it does not cope with large uniformly colored areas that are typical for screenshots as well as PNG or GIF.


  • Shift - Command - 3 - Captures whole screen
  • Shift - Command - 4 - Captures an arbitrary rectangle
  • Shift - Command - 4, SPACE, click which window to capture - Captures specific window

Files are saved to your Desktop in PNG format


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