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This page tracks screencasts and demos that are planned for the current release - NetBeans 6.0. If you've already done a demo, list it here and we'll make sure it gets featured on the Flash Page of, goes out to the NetBeans 6.0 Welcome Screen, and makes you rich and famous. If you're planning a demo, please list it as well so others know what you are doing and do not duplicate your work.

Demo Name Status Owner Location Description (Optional) On Welcome Screen? (Date)
My Great Demo Planned/Draft/Final me at my-email dot com test Just an example, please ignore Leave blank if not featured, fill in the date when it has been featured
Using page Fragments james.branam at sun dot com using_page_fragments/frag.html Vieual Web JSF: Using Page Fragment Tutorial
Creating a Hello World Application Planned irina dot filippova at sun dot com 60/java/quickstart.html Planned. Not ready. Will be used on the NetBeans kit DVD
NetBeans 6 Editor Final gregg dot sporar at sun dot com ( Short: Java Editing Enhancements Long: This demo shows some of the enhancements and new features in the NetBeans IDE's Java editor, including code completion, code insertion, editor hints, occurrence highlighting, and inline rename. Additional new features shown include the visual diff viewer, local history, runtime configurations, and some windowing tricks.
JSR 295/296 (Swing App / Beans Binding) Final gregg dot sporar at sun dot com ( Short: Swing Application Framework and Beans Binding Long: The Swing Application Framework (JSR 296) and the Beans Binding Framework (JSR 295) provide support for common operations in Java applications. This demo shows the extensive support provided in the NetBeans IDE for both frameworks, making it easy to quickly build a desktop application.
Visual Web/Web Services Final gregg dot sporar at sun dot com Short: Accessing Web Services from a Visual Web Application Long: Building web applications with the IDE's visual tools is easier in version 6.0. Accessing web services is also easier. This brief demo shows how to build a web application that uses a web service.
Profiler Final gregg dot sporar at sun dot com ( Short: Drill Down Graph, Profiling Points, Heap Walker Long: This demo shows three of the new profiler features in the NetBeans IDE: a drill down graph that makes it easier to see which categories your application is spending time in, profiling points that allow you to control the profiler's actions from within your application, and a heap walker for tracking down memory leaks.
Mobility Final gregg dot sporar at sun dot com ( Short: Visual Mobile Designer and Web Services Long: This demo starts with a simple MIDP application and adds access to a web service for authorization. Several of the new Visual Mobile Designer features are used while modifying the application.
Ruby Hints and Quick Fixes Final Cindy nbstaging =
Ruby Code Completion Final Cindy nbstaging =
Integrating Java and Ruby Final Cindy nbstaging = Tor Norbye uses NetBeans IDE 6.0 to integrate Java desktop CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) functionality with a Ruby on Rails application. He highlights the code completion and live templates features of the Java and Ruby editors, the Rails code generator, and the IDE's JUnit module.
Ruby on Rails Debugger Final Roman nbstaging = Roman Strobl demonstrates debugging a Ruby on Rails application in NetBeans IDE 6.0. You can set breakpoints, inspect local variables and the call stack, watch variables and debug tests, and step out, into, and over lines.
(GUI Builder in NB6) (Final) Roman Shows out-dated UI from old milestone. ==> Use Gregg's "JSR 295/296" instead.
Getting started with NB 6 Final Roman Learn how to find news and samples on the welcome screen and create new projects. Use templates, error marks, and code completion in the editor. The demo also covers debugging, refactoring, and unit testing.
(Ruby on Rails) (Final) Roman ==> Use Tor's Ruby on Rails Weblog demo instead.
Ruby editing Final Roman This demo covers smart code completion including regular expression completion, Ruby documentation window (rdoc), syntax coloring, class navigation, hyperlinking, code formating, refactoring, switching between Ruby/JRuby.
Visual library Final Roman
JRuby and Glassfish Final Arun Arun's blog
Creating a Ruby on Rails Weblog in 9 Minutes Final Cindy nbstaging = Update of Roman's screencast for M9
Unit Testing Final Cindy NBTV
Live Code Templates Final Cindy NBTV
Edit, Compile, Debug Planned Cindy
Migrating from TextMate to NetBeans Ruby Planned Cindy
Refactoring with NetBeans Ruby Support Planned Cindy
Secure and Reliable Web services Final Arun Arun's blog Metro Web services
jMaki on Rails Final Arun Arun's blog jMaki on Rails
BPEL and Comp Apps Authoring Planned Irina Update of the screencast originally done for 5.5
Develop and maintain SOA and Composite applications Final Sherry This video provides an overview of SOA project and illustrates creating , deploying, executing, and testing of a Composite Application. It also demonstrates the Composite Application (Service Assembly) editor to modify the project configuration and build the BPEL Module project.
RESTful Web Services in NetBeans Final Sherry This video demonstrates how to use the NetBeans IDE to create RESTful web services. In addition to building RESTful web services, the NetBeans IDE also supports building and testing client applications that access RES
NetBeans XML Schema Tools Final Sherry Learn how you can easily create XML schemas by example. You will see how to navigate large schemas in the Design View, and you will learn how to visualize and edit multiple file schemas.
RESTful Web Services in NetBeans, Client part Draft Sherry This video demonstrates how to use the NetBeans IDE to create RESTful web services, client side.

If you are a NetBeans Community Manager contributing a screencast, make sure you also sign up in the CommunityDocs section!

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