Steps for Upgrading Scala Runtime Libs

  1. cd libs.scala
  2. update all *.jar files
  3. update all license.txt files if necessary
  4. go to, upload all *jar files, and corresponding items in binaries-list, the scala whole archive file must be *.tar.gz, and what ever the name it is, should check the unzipped directory name, for example, file scala-2.7.2.tag.gz may be unzipped to extra/scala/, this directory should be the same in build.xml
  5. check/change build.xml, line: <untar compression="gzip" dest="${cluster}/scala/" src="external/scala-2.7.2.XXX.tar.gz"/>,
  6. check/change nbproject/, for all scala.dir, release.external properties, which is used to copy these files to ext when release.
  7. check/change nbproject/project.xml, <class-path-extension> of all scala lib jars
  8. hg addrem
  9. hg ci
  10. cd ..../main/contrib, ant scala-clean, ant scala-build

How to build one cluster

ant -Dcluster.config=java

available clusters see nb.cluster.***** in nbbuild/

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