Scala Open Tasks

I. Editing

Feature Progress Todo Timeline Note
1. Syntax highlighting 100% Jul
2. Semantic highlighting 100% Jul
3. Navigator Display 100% Jul
4. Code Folding 100% Jul
5. Background Error Parsing 100% Jul
6. Mark occurrences 100% bug fixes Jul
7. Go-to-declaration 100% Jun
8. Instant rename 100% bug fixes Jul
9. Code Completion 100% bug fixes Jul
10. Smart Indent and Formatting 100% Jul
11. Formatter 100% Better formatting for multiple line expression Jul
12. Pair Matching 100% Jul

II. Project

Feature Progress Todo Timeline Note
1. File Type Recognition 100% Apr
2. Project Management 100% Jul
2a. Scala project will be standard Ant based project 100% Apr
2b. Provides "Build", "Clean and Build", "Run", "Debug" actions 100% May
2c. Choosing a Main class for project is also supported 100% July Input main class name directly
2d. Build failures are linked to the editor source 100% May
2e. Logical project representation (Source Files, Library, Test Files etc) 100% May
2f. Basic file templates for simple scripts, traits, objects and classes are provided 100% Jul
2g. Allow Java source files in Scala project 100% May
2g. and will be automatically built to classes and jars *** built to classes and jars needs Scala's compiler support Pending
2h. Manage compile and run dependent libraries 100% Jul
3. Manage Java/Scala platform 100% Jul
3a. A platform management will help user to add/remove Java or Scala platform that installed on user system 100% Jul via SCALA.HOME
3b. Configure the projects to execute with either Java platforms or Scala platform 100% Jul via SCALA.HOME
3c. Bundled latest Scala platform 100% Jul
4. Unit Tests 100% Jul
4a. JUnit tests or Scala based unit test will be supported 100% Jul JUnit
4b. There is a new unit test template 100% Jul
4c. And when executing unit tests failures are linked to the editor source 100% Jul

III. Console

Feature Progress Todo Timeline Note
Interactive Console 100% Jul

IV. Debug

Feature Progress Todo Timeline Note
1.Views 100% Jul
1a. Local Variables 100% Jul
1b. Watches 100% Jul
1c. Call Stack 100% Jul
1d. Breakpoints 100% Jul
2. Balloon Evaluation 100% Jul
3. Breakpoints management 100% Jul
4a. Stepping (over/into/out) into project's sources 100% Jul
4b. Stepping into standard Java and Scala library *** pending

Project Expansion Possibilities

Feature Progress Todo Timeline Note
I. Smart Completion for Imported Java Classes 100% Jul
II. Find usages (remote) Oct
III. Remote refactor rename Oct
IV. Auto-Completion in Java source 50% Sep needs Jave editor module's SPI
V. Integrated with Mavan plugin and Lift web framework 100% Jul
VI. Go to type Aug
VII. Support Scala's project by extending J2SE project Sep
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