Novice Guide: Creating and Running Scala Project with NetBeans plugin

Author: Vladimir Kelman

A process of creation Scala application with Netbeans plugin is not described anywhere (I haven't found it; this page explains how to setup environment), but Netbeans is highly automated and interface is really intuitive. I didn't have any problem with it.

I Create Scala Project

1. Start Netbeans.

Use File | New Project menu to start process. Choose "Scala Application", then, on the following screen set the name of Project, Project Location, Main Class Name (as PackageName.ObjectName) and hit Finish. That's it! Everything is automatically created; nice folder structure is created too. There are templates for adding more classes / objects. (Note that Netbeans automatically creates a project folder, as opposed to both Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA. You don't need to do it manually.) You don't need to select application type as Java Module. You don't need to manually point to a right Scala SDK installation. Much easier to use, than Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA.




2. Add necessary classes/objects. Save everything.




II Run/Debug Scala Project.

There is no need for complex setup run-time environment. It works fine right away and by default in Netbeans.

1. Click on a Run or Debug button and enjoy. Breakpoints are set by clicking on a gray area to the left from code.


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