Switch to Using Jersey's Client API


Here are the advantages for switch over to the Jersey client API: 1. No longer need to generate our own RestConnection and RestResponse classes 2. Better abstraction and functionality 3. Will support HTTP connection pooling once that's available in grizzly

Once thing we do need to take into account is backward compatibility. For example, if an user as already generated some code using 6.1 and then switches to 6.5, the 6.5 code generator needs to take that into account and generate the correct code. We can either revert back to the 6.1 behavior or bring up a dialog warning the users that different code using Jersey client api will be generated. The second approach might be more preferable because we can stop supporting the old style. (We will need to spend more time discussing how to handle this issue properly.)


Ayub will be responsible for this feature. He will spend time evaluating the Jersey client API during M1 and work on the actual switch over during M2:

*Task* *Owner* *Date* *Comment*
Evaluate Jersey client API Ayub 3 days
Switch to Jersey Client API Ayub 1 week
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