Name: Sandip Chitale




Client side Web Application Development support

Embedded Browser



Support for code generation and modeling of Interfaces, Abstract Classes, Generic Type Beans in Insync

Eclipse plugin to NetBeans module migration cookbook


Issue Description Document Project
Issue (FEATURE) 89604 - Navigational outilnes   Java Members and Hierarchy Popup Netbeans java/navigation
Issue (FEATURE) 90451 - Migrate Visual Web Java modeler to Retouche   Adaption of Retouche APIs for Java Source Modeling Netbeans visualweb/other
Issue (FEATURE) 90532 - Migrate Visual Web refactoring to new Refactoring APIs   Adaption of new Refactoring APIs Netbeans visualweb/other - Refactoring
Issue (FEATURE) 90533 - Migrate Visual Web Java Refactoring to Retouche   Adaption of Retouche APIs for Java Refactoring Netbeans visualweb/other - Java Refactoring
Issue (FEATURE) 98021 - Implement Page and Lifecycle Bean Rename and Move Refactoring     Netbeans visualweb/other - Refactoring

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What is new in VW NB6.0?

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