YouTube Support


YouTube support was yanked from 6.1 at the very last minute because it switch over to a new authentication model similar to the one used by Facebook and Flickr. We would like to add it back into 6.5.

Looking at the documentation for the new YouTube API, the authentication scheme is a mixture of Amazon S3, Facebook/Flickr and Twitter. For example, it requires the api key, client id and authorization token to be passed as HTTP request headers similar to Amazon S3. For web application, it uses the same scheme as Facebook and Flickr which requires an user to log into her account in order to get a session key. For desktop applications, it require the application to prompt the user for username and password similar to what we do with Twitter and Delicious (which use http-basic authentication) and uses a different API call. The bottom line is that this won't be a straight-forward addition and will require changees to our meta-data and code generation.


Ayub will be responsible for implementing this feature.

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YouTube Support Ayub 1 weeks
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