SaaS PHP Support


Since the main focus for 6.5 is PHP support, this is a no-brainer P1.


Similar to what we did for Java, we will generating PHP code using build-in PHP functions to access SaaS services. This applies for both SOAP and RESTful web services. Since we are leveraging the Web Services Manager, it means that people will need to install the Web & EE pack in order to get this feature. We will also need to investigate what kind of language support infrastructure (like Retouche for Java) is in place in NetBeans to help us with code generation


Ayub will be wholely responsible for all RESTful web services. Rico will be responsible for SOAP based services. Also, as mentioned in the parent page, we will take a phased approach for the RESTful services. We will first get all the api-key based services to work for M1 and get remaining services to work for M2.

*Task* *Owner* *Date* *Comment*
Support for api key Ayub 2 weeks This includes time spent on research
Support for http-basic auth Ayuy 3 days
Support for Amazon S3 Ayub 1 week
Support for Facebook & Flickr Ayub 1 week
Support for SOAP services Rico 1 week

Engg team documentation

Netbeans SaaS modules/jaxws* refactoring to support distro's such as PHP, Ruby etc

User documentation

SaaS PHP Tutorial

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