SQL Editor Features

This page provides a prioritized list of proposed features for the SQL Editor

Feature Issue Comments
Completion for tables and columns for a simple SQL string in PHP
Completion for tables and columns in a string in PHP that contains substitution variables
Show column details as docs for columns in completion
Completion for functions in both regular editor and PHP with sub variables Includes showing parameters
Docs available for functions in completion (for MySQL)
Instant rename for aliases
Error highlighting for unrecognized tables, columns, functions and keywords
Lightbulb suggestion to create unknown table, column
Keyword completion for basic SQL keywords
Keyword completion for MySQL extended commands
Completion for stored procedures
Rename column across all files in a project Both SQL files and application files (starting with PHP and Java)
Show all occurrences of an table, column or alias in a SQL file
Code folding in SQL editor Fold statements
Show all statements in a SQL file in navigation
Auto-commit off/support for BEGIN/COMMIT keywords Need to think about how to do this
Lexical coloring in PHP editor
Support SQL editing features even in strings that are concatenated to a full SQL statement using variable substitution
Quick command to test a SQL statement written in PHP Provide mechanism to easily fill in sub variables
Auto-fill parameters when selecting a function or sproc in completion
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