Where is Ruby on Rails Support in the NetBeans IDE?

As of NetBeans 7.0, the Ruby on Rails module is no longer included in the NetBeans IDE. See Community Message.

But there is a Ruby and Rails plugin made by the community. You can find it at

What options are there for developing with Ruby on Rails?

Developers who still want to use Ruby on Rails functionality in the IDE can do so with NetBeans IDE 6.9.1 or earlier versions of the IDE. If you want to use a newer version of NetBeans, you can use the community plugin "Ruby and Rails", available at

To install this plugin, you should unzip the plugin, go to Tools > Plugins > Settings tab > Add button > URL: "file://<path to unzipped files>/updates/updates.xml" When you added the update center, go to the Available plugins tab, check for newest, and select Ruby and Rails.

I'm a big fan of Ruby support in the NetBeans IDE; will support return in the future?

Due to limited engineering resources, no further development and support for Ruby on Rails is planned.

However, we strongly encourage our community of NetBeans Ruby users and developers to volunteer to take on development of Ruby on Rails support for the NetBeans IDE.

UPDATE: Tom Enebo and a group of Ruby users have volunteered to maintain the Ruby module. Please join them on the NetBeans Ruby Developers mailing list.

Update: Extraction of the Ruby-related modules to their own repository: ExtractingStandaloneCluster

If you're interested in helping to maintain Ruby on Rails functionality for the NetBeans IDE, please sign up on the NetBeans Ruby developers mailing alias:, or contact the NetBeans team!

Thank you.
The NetBeans Team

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