Server Integration in Rails projects

In the continuos builds of the NetBeans IDE 6.1 dev, from build #344 onwards, it is possible to specify the target server of a Rails project and configure the Rails environment used for running the project. This also means that the functionality described here will be in 6.1 M2.

Choosing the target server when creating a Rails application

In the new Rails project wizard there is a combo box that contains the available servers. The available servers depend on the gems that the selected platform has installed. That means that the values in the server combo may change when the platform is changed. It is assumed that each platform that has Rails installed has WEBrick as well.

New Rails Application

Server nodes in the Services tab

The installed servers are displayed in the Services tab. Under each server installation node are nodes for the applications currently running on that server, i.e. running instances of the server (each instance runs on a different port). It is possibly to stop a running instance from the context menu of an instance node.

Services Tab

Server selection in Project properties

The target server of a Rails project can be changed in the project properties dialog. Furthermore, in the dialog it is possible to specify the Rails environment used when running the project.

Rails Project Properties

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