The information on this page pertains to NetBeans IDE 6.5.


To run a Rake tasks:

  1. press Alt+Shift-R
  2. type your task (or just a part of it)
  3. press Enter

Even quicker then from the command line ;). If you want to run the same task again, just press the Rerun button (the double arrow one) in the associated Output Windows tab.


More details

NetBeans provides special Rake Runner dialog from which you may run or debug you Rake tasks. Might be invoked from Ruby or Ruby on Rails projects' context menu or just by pressing Alt+Shift-R. If you use the shortcut, NetBeans infers project to be used based on the selection in Projects view, currently edited file (its project owner), etc. If you are not satisfied with the inferred project, just select your project in the Projects view or just use Run/Debug Rake Task... project's context menu item.

Screenshot showing Rake Runner for Rails project with Rake task containing 'doc' string.


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