Extra Plugins

This page lists additional plugins available for NetBeans 6.0 that you may find useful.

  • Experimental Ruby Hints. There are a number of experimental hints, such as those described
 here. If you are using the RubyIDE built at, you already have the hints baked in, but for other
  builds (such as Milestone 11), you can get this plugin from the update center via the Plugins dialog.
  • Spell Checking. This module performs spell checking in the background and underlines words that appear to be misspelled in your comments.
 More Details...
  • Rectangular Selection. This module allows you to make rectangular (rather than line-based) selection. [More
  • Tabs. This module highlights any tab characters in your source code and provides an action to wipe them out.
  Description, Plugin
  • Trailing Whitespace. This module highlights (in a faint color) trailing whitespace and provides an action to wipe it out.

  • Quick File Chooser. This module replaces the standard IDE file chooser with one optimized for keyboard usage.
  Details, pointer to up to date bits needed
  • Build Monitor. This module is used in conjunction with a Hudson continuous build server, such as the one running
  the Ruby IDE build at
  • TODO Highlighter. This module highlights any TODO markers in the editor in a different color. The set of
 actual markers to be used is configurable; the default includes TODO, XXX, FIXME.
   Details, sources are in CVS under contrib/showtodos
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