This page contains a list of planned Ruby features for the future releases of NetBeans. If you have any opinion, ideas, priorities, etc., please discuss them with us via our Ruby mailing list.

Features (or RFEs) are sorted by priorities, top-down, meaning P1 as the highest priority. Thus it's very likely that features on top of the list will be implemented firstly.

P1 must have feature. Either the feature required by a lot of users and/or without that feature, IDE might be awkward to use. Should be implemented as soon as possible
P2 usually known, wanted feature, already requested by more users
P3 would be very nice to have
P4 others ideas

There is also IssueZilla long list of feature requests and RFEs. The difference is that we should try to keep this one shorter, more community driven and easy to access.

Planned for next release(s)

Not yet implemented features:

Priority Not yet implemented features Issues
P1 Improved terminal handling (for IRB, Rails Console, etc.). This involves terminal emulator code to handle readline-like behavior in the subshell, to handle colorized output, etc. Issue 133994
P2 Performance improvements in indexing, code completion, etc.  ???
P2 Ruby 1.9 / Ruby 2.0 support  ???
P2 More robust debugger  ???
P2 Interactive debugging console Issue 107761
P2 Additional Refactorings (NOTE: to vague requirement, either file an issue, point to wiki page, ....)  ???
P2 Ability to search ruby core and gems Issue 130366
P2 Tail logs in IDE, ideally colored Issue 115325
P2 Possibility to directly open whatever non-NetBeans Ruby or Rails project. Issue 126410
P2 Cucumber support. Issue 150231
P3 Better interoperability between Ruby and Java projects Issue 151086
P3 Speed up startup of JRuby Issue 114666
P3 IDE extendible and/or scriptable with Ruby Issue 151085
P3 Make Value field in Local Variables writable Issue 112358
P3 Ability to modify source code while debugging Issue 112534
P3 Easy and intuitive access to documentation Issue 128169
P3 Java integration - make it easies to use Java from JRuby (and vice versa). Could include things such as bundling the necessary jar files, code completion and other editor features.  ???
P4 Better integration with the DB explorer: actions for jumping from a Rails model to the corresponding db table and for quickly viewing data.  ???

NetBeans 7.0

Related documents:

Implemented features (at least partially):

Priority Features implemented for NetBeans 7.0 Issues or Wiki
P1 Improve Type Inference Ruby Type Inference
P2 Remote Debugging support Issue 104473
P2 Ruby Platform node in project's logical view Issue 147864
P3 Code Coverage Integration (rcov) Issue 119707
P3 Shoulda support. Issue 151652
Any List of all RFEs and Features implemented in 7.0 since 6.5 (just those tracked in IssueZilla) N/A
Any List of all Bugs fixed in 7.0 since 6.5 (just those tracked in IssueZilla) N/A

NetBeans 6.5

Implemented features:

Priority Features implemented for NetBeans 6.5 Issues
P1 sudo (and/or similar tools) integration to make Gem Manager comfortable to all users without the need for any special setup (of GEM_HOME, GEM_PATH, system permissions, ...) Issue 128575
P2 Easier Rake targets running. Invocation through a project's context menu is little awkward. Implemented through new Rake Runner dialog. Issue 127998
P2 Ability to apply breakpoint hit condition Issue 100096
P2 Ability to set exception breakpoint Issue 99770
P2 UI Test Runner Issue 134779
P2 Add support for Warbler Issue 132394
P3 Rubinius Support Issue 130597
Any List of all RFEs and Features implemented in 6.5 since 6.1 (just those tracked in IssueZilla) N/A
Any List of all Bugs fixed in 6.5 since 6.1 (just those tracked in IssueZilla) N/A
P4 Ruby options redesign Issue 123457
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